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Accessibility In The News

Here are some interesting articles about accessibility and/or disability issues:

  1. NPR: Braille Under Siege As Blind Turn To Smartphones (Article and Audio Clip)
    This is a great article about the possible future of Braille. One of the comments stated that people who learn Braille have higher rates of employment.

  2. SAA AMRT/RMRT Joint Working Group on Accessibility in Archives and Records Management
    The Accessibility Working Group focuses on accessibility issues relating to archives. Their mission is:
    To contact and network with persons with physical impairments in the archives and records management profession (archivists, records managers, and researchers/patrons), identify and study the challenges for them in same, and develop tools to assist them in overcoming these challenges.

  3. Digital Public Library of America-Redefining Reading
    A good short article on libraries and Braille.